Google App Engine


  • Google Cloud Project
  • BigQuery API Enabled
  • Mapbox Token

In this guide you will create:

  • Cloud SQL DB
  • Cloud Storage Bucket
  • App Engine App (Flexible environment)
  • Configure Access to specific Google Accounts with Google IAP


  1. Create db instance
gcloud sql instances create ${DB_INSTANCE_NAME} \
    --database-version=POSTGRES_12 \
  1. Create database
gcloud sql databases create dekart --instance=${DB_INSTANCE_NAME}
  1. Set password; can be not secret, because there is one more layer of encryption and authorization in Cloud SQL
gcloud sql users set-password postgres --instance=${DB_INSTANCE_NAME} --password=dekart
  1. Create storage
gsutil mb -b on -l europe-west1 gs://${BUCKET}/
  1. Create App Engine App
gcloud app create --region=europe-west
  1. Create Dockerfile

  2. Create app.yaml

  3. Deploy app

gcloud app deploy app.yaml
  1. Configure Google IAP (works only with web console)


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