Environment Variables

Dekart deployment requires:

  • access to BigQuery API
  • Cloud Storage bucket where query results are stored
  • Postgres DB (like Cloud SQL) to store metadata
  • Mapbox token to load the map

Optionally, secure deployment with Google IAP. You have 2 options:

Main configuration

DEKART_BIGQUERY_PROJECT_IDUnique identifier for your Google Cloud project with BigQuery API Enabled.
Example: my-project
DEKART_BIGQUERY_MAX_BYTES_BILLED version >= 0.7Sets maximumBytesBilled in BigQuery Job Configuration to implement Best Practices for Controlling Query Cost.
If not set warning message will appear in logs.
DEKART_CLOUD_STORAGE_BUCKETGoogle Cloud Storage bucket name where Dekart Query results will be stored.
Example: dekart-bucket
DEKART_MAPBOX_TOKENMapbox Token to show a map
DEKART_POSTGRES_DBDatabase name. Dekart needs Postgres Database to store query meta information.
Example: dekart
DEKART_POSTGRES_HOSTExample: localhost
DEKART_PORTExample: 8080
Example: /.../service-account-123456.json

User management with Google IAP

Dekart can read claims provided by Google IAP and implement following policies:

  • User can list and edit only their own reports
  • Users have read-only access to other users reports
DEKART_REQUIRE_IAPEnables validation Google IAP JWT. Required users to be authenticated. ENables user management policies.
Example value: 1
DEKART_IAP_JWT_AUDSigned Header JWT Audience (aud). You can get the values for the aud string mentioned above by accessing the Cloud Console, or you can use the gcloud command-line tool. See details.
Example value: /projects/PROJECT_NUMBER/apps/PROJECT_ID

User Experience

DEKART_UX_HOMEPAGEChange URL linked from Dekart logo
Default value: /
DEKART_UX_DATA_DOCUMENTATIONAllows provide URL to dataset documentation. It will appear in Dekart UI.
Example value: https://my.company/dataset/schema.html
DEKART_HTML_CUSTOM_CODEAllows to add custom HTML code to <head>. Can be used for adding trackers.

Development specific

Do not change for production

DEKART_LOG_DEBUGSet Dekart log level to debug
Example value: 1
DEKART_LOG_PRETTYPrint pretty colorful logs in console. By default Dekart formats logs as JSON
Example value: 1
DEKART_STATIC_FILESExample value: ./build

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