Introducing Dekart Cloud

Secure, worry-free Dekart instance at the cost of hosting it yourself on AWS or Google Cloud.

Your Data Stays Yours.

To make your legal and cybersecurity teams happy,
we do not store or cache your credentials and query results in our backend.

Passthrough Authentication

We don't need your service account key. Short-lived Google OAuth token is passed from your browser to Google APIs. Token renews every time you reload the page. You have full control over your data access. Dekart implementation is transparent and open-source.

No User Data Storage

Query results are stored on Google Cloud Storage bucket provided by you. You control region and retention. Your users data is never stored on our premise.

Compliance Friendly

We comply with Google API Services User Data Policy and verified by Google's Trust & Safety team. Nobody at Dekart can access your BigQuery datasets. Data from your BigQuery datasets is never stored outside of your premise to minimize the impact on your compliance posture.

Not sure yet?

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